REAL JAPAN provides the fully-furnished apartment for any transferees to Nagoya, or any local in JAPAN.

What is the Fully-Furnished Apartment? 

Exsamples of Fully-Furnished Apartment.  Balcony, cook, and roomy.

The apartments are fully serviced one but not Hotel.

We don't kick you out each weekends like hotel does.

You can stay like your home until the end of the designated date once you occupy it.

Apartment  Information in Nagoya, Aichi

1.  Kanayama, Nagoya    6 minutes on foot  One-bedroom     40sqm.     200,000 yen / month

2.  Fushimi, Nagoya     7 minutes on foot     2-bedroom     70sqm.    300,000 yen / month

The rent includes・・・

Sofa, bed, bedding, table, chair, chest of drawer, TV, iron, cleaner, Washer/dryer, Wi-Fi, English TV programs, microwave, refrigerator.

Examples that foreigner can rent an fully furnished apartment in Nagoya.